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IT and Business Strategy

 Small to medium sized enterprises face a number of challenges managing their Information Technology assets, environments and organizations. They include:
  • Building the right technology management team: Finding the right people to developing a solid strategy for purchasing and staying on top of relevant technologies for their industry, as well as a business case for the specific tools they choose;
  • Acquiring/hiring the right people for the right positions and then training them and familiarizing them with your specific environment takes time and money;
  • [needs verb!] cost of IT Resources: Often organizations need a wider range of IT skills and expertise than can be found in the handful of hires they can fit in their budgets;
  • Maintaining continuity of IT staff: small departments that have staff turnover provide management with challenges in maintaining consistent levels of IT leadership and support. In addition, most of these organizations cannot provide long term career paths for top IT staff; and
  • Maintaining continuity of IT knowledge: with a small team any turnover means lost knowledge – from why decisions were made to where key information is stored.
Leverage our expertise. Each member of our team of consultants has at least 10 years of working in the field and can help you develop the right strategy quickly and cost-effectively.

We can help you:

  • Develop a multi-year road map for how to deal with technology in your environment;
  • Work with the relevant experts to create specific solutions, such as network engineers and to design and implement your office infrastructure;
  • Determine what skills are most needed in house to hire the right team and develop a plan to supplement the skills as needed;
  • Design a knowledge transfer system to keep and up-to-date set of documentation of what is what with your technology, to ensure that keep the systems running smoothly even when staff changes happen; and
  • Enact a business continuity plan so unexpected mishaps won’t spell disaster for your enterprise
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