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Other Services

 Some technologies fall through the cracks in the average business when there is no one on site to take care of it. Phone systems — and especially older phone systems — require specific expertise to keep them running at peak performance. With staff turnover, knowledge of things like How to Change the Display Names or How to Update the Voicemail Listing can walk out the door, leaving small but irritating quirks in a system. Let Alleyne help you with these additional services:
  • telecommunications systems management – phone systems, video conferencing and tele-medicine
  • web site skills and resources (design, development, maintenance and hosting)
Our Managed IT Services provides these skills and the requisite expertise in affordable packages. Organizations can contract for a team of resources that serve clients in a number of industries and provides small organizations with large IT teams. Our services can be delivered in a number of ways:
  • as auxiliary services for IT Departments
  • as your IT department – we will take full responsibility for your IT resources and act as part of your management team
  • on a fee for service (or per diem) basis
  • on a retainer basis within a managed budget – where our customers budget on a monthly basis for the level of support they require

Our Clients

We have served clients in healthcare, retail, manufacturing, distribution, education, professional services, and a number of associations. For a list of reference projects
Call us to find out more about how we can help. 416.596.9533 xt 250 to speak to someone now.